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08/28/2011 / Janette

Folklorico Dancers

When I taught at South Gate High School, the Folklorico dance teacher quit suddenly, and I was asked to be the teacher in charge of the program.  I had no idea how to teach this subject.  At that time, I had taken various types of dance, including folk dancing in high school and college, but this was a very specific type and style of dance.  At first, the students did not accept me because I am not Hispanic, and it was a little like a war.  After a few months, however, the students seemed to accept me.  I really enjoyed the dances.  I learned how to perform some of the dances, and when one of the students did not come to a dance recital, I actually filled in.  My blonde hair looked a little strange with all of the glossy dark heads, but I performed successfully.  At that point, I really felt like I had become a part of the dance group and a true teacher of dance.

Recently, I attended a performance of various folklorico dances, and I was able to take pictures.  I worked toward revealing the swirl of the dresses and the interchanges between the couples dancing.  The skirts are like flower petals, swirling to catch the light.   


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