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09/05/2011 / Janette

Amusement Parks

   I have always loved to sit in ferry and railroad stations and watch the people, to walk on crowded streets, just walk along among the people, and see their faces, to be among people on street cars and trains and boats.

Ella R. Bloor

Amusement parks are wonderful places to take pictures.  There is so much going on and so many people doing so many things that no one really notices an extra camera.  Most people are self-conscious when you take pictures of them, but it is easy to capture an unguarded moment in an amusement park.

Children are so often seen as noisy and distracted, but they are often thoughtful as they contemplate their surroundings. I believe that we can all learn something about living in the here-and-now from observing children.  As an adult, it seems as if I constantly rush from one thing to the next.  Maybe that is why time seems to pass so quickly, perhaps I have not been paying attention.

~ Janette


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