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09/12/2011 / Janette

Trees With Golden Light





Last Thursday, as I drove into Cypress College, I saw the beautiful light in the old trees in the front of the campus.  The light was golden and the textured look of the trees glowed and then were mottled with the shadows of leaves.  I had never really looked at those trees, but at that time I had to take pictures immediately.


The bark is peeling away from the tree and the shadows show the smoothness of the exposed surface, and then emphasizes  the deep clefts of bark on the trunk of the tree.  The narrow leaves sparkle with light in some areas and then shadows in other areas.  I used manual settings, at first 200 ISO, then 400 ISO, later 800 ISO.  I used F4.5 and then a range of settings.  The shutter speed started at 500, then 200, then 100. 

An artist I met at Laguna told me that California shares a similar light with Paris.  After he said that, I have always looked at paintings and photographs of Paris and thought of the light here in California.  I think he is right.  I love the light here.

Textured Trunk 1


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