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11/12/2011 / Janette

Collage in Photoshop

This is a project I completed for my ACG 100 course at Cypress College.

Our teacher, Greg Bumatay,  took my photograph during class with my camera on a whim and I used that portrait in my collage using Photoshop to cut, copy, color, and paste the various images.  The background is a photograph of an oil painting painted by Robyn Glasse, my mother.  The painted is named Toreador’s Dream.  I thought the rather surreal content would add to my collage.  I took the photographs of the fish.  The small oval in the upper left corner of the picture is a small version of a self portrait I painted of myself, and then I erased the background of my painting.  I thought it made a kind of echo of the photograph.

The expression and color is similar.  Also, the diamond shape made by the body of each fish is repeated by the diamond shape in red of the cape.  I copied various patches of color in different parts of the collage and placed the colors into the other parts of the picture.  I copied a little of the color from my hair and put it into the sky.  I also copied some of the silver color of the fish and put it into the shadows of the portrait.  I couldn’t resist placing a small dot of light into each eye.  I think it made the picture appear to be a little more alert and perhaps either in a studio setting or more outdoors. 
The second picture I created using the Photoshop tools was a “veggie girl” on the foreground of another of my mom’s seascapes.  I took the photograph of the painting a long time ago and the photo itself was slightly discolored.
A composite of a seascape by Robyn Glasse and a series of fruit and veggies

Veggie World


  When I enlarged it to fill the screen, it became a little out of focus, but I think it adds to the whole effect.  The figure is made entirely out of fruits and veggies.  The torso and arms are a repeated image of a mushroom.  The legs are made from the duplication of an orange slice.  I did airbrush a small set of clothing for her, to place her in an environment.  She has kiwi earrings and hair made of swiss chard.  I airbrushed the mushroom image and duplicated it into the sky like little hot air balloons.  I also put pears and berries into the sky, like they are alien visitors.  It was a fun image to create, and I think it is ambiquous. 


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