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11/13/2011 / Janette

Band Practice

Some of these students are in my English class.  We have an award-winning band at our school.  It is pretty impressive to see how many hours these students practice every day.

The sky was a bit overcast at that point and the sun was going down.  There was a slight pinkness to the sky and the glow helped to really make the instruments shine without glaring into the camera.

Several of these students have been in my class at some point in the last three years or so, and it was gratifying to see them performing with such a professional attitude.

“Band is Family

Band is long hours in the hot sun
Band is the cool air on your face coming in for lunch
Band is laughter at jokes no one else would get
Band is joy, and that means family.

Band is the feeling of bliss coming off the field
Band is the pounding of Dr. Beat in your eardrums
Band is music, and music is love
Band is love, and that means family.

Band is pushups on the scorching asphalt
Band is going on when you think you can’t
Band is shouting out, “Number one, sir!”
Band is never stopping believing, and that means family.

Band is take a deep breath and go
Band is reset just one more time
Band is waking up with your friends to see the perfect sunrise
Band is life, because Band is Family.” – Astrognash from MML

Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

(Lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts)
Tonight while the lights are shinin’ and the microphone is on, I’ll play for you.
So many will be the blessings and so short will the time, I’ll stay with you.
But I’ll play for you, I love you yes I do. You can say that I’m your friend,
You can see my life begin and end. I’ll always play for you.

Hear the band, hear the band. Won’t you let the music take you, hear the band.
And let this night go on forever, and don’t you ever stop the music. Let your spirit set you free.
Hear the band, hear the band. You can sing and stomp you feet and clap your hands.
And these few moments we’ll share together, and I’ll play for you.
I’ve practiced many years and I have come a long, long way just to play for you.
My life is but a song that I have written in many ways, just to say to you.
To say, I love you yes I do. And I’d like for you to be
Whatever you would like to be. You’ll always be special to me.

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  1. Greg / Nov 22 2011 7:48 pm

    Great job updating your blog

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