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11/26/2011 / Janette

Natural Light Outdoor Portraits — A Series

It is interesting how different a person can appear in different light and from various angles.  Most of these photographs were taken around 4:00 in the afternoon.  The light was very bright, but later was slightly golden.

The photo below has a kind of drama to it that I didn’t expect when I took the picture.  I retook this picture, but I thought this particular shot really captures something about the subject that I couldn’t seem to capture twice.

I liked this photograph, although one side is too bright.  I like the shine through the eye, revealing the red-brown color of his eyes.

When I first began photographing this model, he seemed uncomfortable around the camera.  After awhile, he seemed relaxed and comfortable.  This photo was taken as the sun began to go down.  I like this one because he seems relaxed.  His skin is exposed correctly for the light, and the light coming in from behind the figure emphasizes the details in the hair and the line of the neck and shoulders.


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