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As a child I watched my mother paint.  At the age of ten I was given watercolors to work with.  My mother has painted many portraits of me from the age of nine on up to the present day.  When I was thirteen, I would go with her to her art meetings.  From the age of fifteen until I was twenty I assisted my mother in marketing her work and in teaching art classes to people of various ages.

She and I went to college together.  It had been a dream for her and I wanted her to have the opportunity.  I majored in education and she majored in art.  Because she always seemed to be having more fun than I was, I took many art classes with her such as printmaking, painting, drawing,  and design.  She talked me into taking my first photography class.

I began taking black and white photographs seriously in the early 1990’s.  I wanted to be able to take pictures of artwork, but I also found that I just loved to take pictures.  I spent many, many hours in darkrooms trying for the ever-elusive perfect print.  That was in the old days when everything was film.

Now, I am refreshing my skills after a long break from photography.  The summer of 2010 I took the first level photography class at Cypress College in Cypress, California.  That Fall I took the next class.  Now I am on my third class, Wedding and Event Photography.  I am also learning to use various computer software along with my photographs.  This blog is about my current experiences with photography.


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